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PX Solutions is Dedicated to Canadian Healthcare

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We specialize in cultural and clinical process transformations in healthcare with innovative health technology and healthcare IT solutions that improve workflows, access to care and quality of service.

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To bring about a future in which healthcare stakeholders across the continuum of care can respond to patients more effectively and efficiently, with innovative healthcare solutions, and continue to improve care and the care experience.

Better Together

Our in-house team of experienced healthcare professionals and partnerships with leading healthcare IT and application developers lets us create and offer a full suite of applications, services and infrastructure to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

PX Solutions

PX Solutions offers technologies and solutions to achieve better outcomes for Healthcare in Canada. PX Solutions brings leading-edge products, software, infrastructure and services functioning together to connect the patients, families and clinicians along the patient’s healthcare journey.


Woodstock Hospital is committed to its vision of providing first-class healthcare to our community. To fulfill our mandate, we need to be a leader in innovative, high-quality services and keep a pulse on the latest healthcare tools and technology. The Cisco Medical-Grade Network offers the infrastructure we need to provide our staff with the equipment and information they need to facilitate patient care and deliver the best health services possible.

Natasa Veljovic - President and CEO, Woodstock Hospital

This exciting announcement is a key steop forward on our 'smart' hospital vision and ensuring we're providing our community with exceptional health care that makes a significant difference. Patient-centred technology helps health care providers create a seamless care experience, all the while supporting recovery and education right at the bedside.

Mary-Agnes Wilson - Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Executive, Mackenzie Health

One of the biggest opportunities with this technology solution is the level of control and independence we can give directly to patients. The 'smart' pathways and intelligence we're building into this technology will unlock a world of choice for all patients and families.

Richard Tam - Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Mackenzie Health

Medication education is an important component in helping patients, family members, and caregivers understand and comply with their healing process, particularly for our senior population. Our patients tell us that Interactive Patient Care has been beneficial toward their understanding of new medications, potential side effects and how to maintain proper usage post discharge.

Nurse Manager

With the generous contribution of Cisco TelePresence technologies, and the professional integration of this complex platform and network, we not only receive high-quality video to facilitate face-to-face communication, but also an integrated solution that ensures a reliable, consistent experience for all users.

Neve Peric - Vice President, Operations, CIGI

The future of healthcare is changing and our vision for the new Sault Area Hospital was to lead that change. With tremendous support from the government and our technology partners, we are delighted to have built this leading edge facility for Northern Ontario. The expertise of our partners has allowed us to build future-proof networking technology from the blueprint level, helping us to deliver new and innovative services to our patients, clinical staff and community.

Jeff Weeks - CIO, Sault Area Hospital

Nurse Call Management

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