Nurse Call Management

Nurse Call Management

Nurse Call Management

Our goal is to provide you with the seamless integration of your healthcare technologies allowing you to focus on what’s important – delivering the best possible care, as well as fostering a productive and happy staff environment.

When it comes to technology implementation you need to ask yourself these important questions…

Is this easy to implement?

Does it improve my workflow?

Does it ensure the safety of our residents and patients?

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Nurse Call Management

When it comes to your resident and patient care you want to ensure you provide your nurses and staff the right tools to respond to calls and requests promptly. Being able to effectively respond to an emergency call can mean the difference between life and death. We work with your facility to fully integrate your nursecall system into your network, which will provide your staff with up-to-date patient information whenever they need it. Streamline your workflow, reliability and quality of care by working with PX Solutions for your healthcare needs.

Real Time Locating Systems
Real time locating systems (RTLS) is a critical technology in the healthcare field. Designed to work within any facility including long term care, retirement facilities, hospitals and acute care. A fully optimized system ensures you receive alerts on monitoring stations, smartphones, tablets and IP handsets. This provides you with up-to-date information for staff safety, wander protection and asset management and infant abductions.
Resident and Patient Wandering
Utilizing wireless pendant solutions, patient and residents can have the independence they deserve and desire yet remain safe by ensuring they are unable to access restricted areas. This provides peace-of-mind to both caregivers and family members.
Staff Safety
Protect your staff in potentially dangerous situations by giving them the peace-of-mind in knowing that with the touch of a button they can call for assistance in a high-risk or emergency situation. Staff members can send notifications to the appropriate personnel on what type of alert, as well as their location.
Infant Protection

The birth of a child is one of the most special and memorable moments in a parents life – protecting children is of utmost importance in a hospital. PX Solutions agnostic approach allows us to work with you on implementing the safest method for your facility. Having a solution in place to assist you in reducing the risk of infant abduction, as well as ensuring parent and infant matching, can greatly increase the safety of infants and provide peace of mind to parents while under your care.

Asset Management and Tracking

Real time locating systems (RTLS) are not just for patients and residents. With the ever-increasing cost of medical equipment and supplies, it’s imperative that you ensure they are in place and working order so your facility runs smoothly and without interruption. PX Solutions can work with you on projects that provide information on your protected assets with real time information on location, tampering, and movement.