Healthcare – Patient Engagement

Onboard Patients

Personalized Engagement

Lower Readmissions

Onboard Patients

Effortlessly onboard patients and maximize practice efficiency and patient satisfaction.

First Experiences Last

A digital check-in solution that gives patients and clinicians the engagement experience they want and prefer.

Engaging and Efficient

Spend more time delivering health care and less time on paperwork and data entry with smooth, fast digital onboarding that maximizes practice efficiency and patient satisfaction.

  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Online pre-registration
  • Intelligent digital patient check-in in any language, on any device
  • Adaptive assessments and screeners
  • Text and email confirmations, reminders and other patient communication
  • Engaging, targeted health education
  • Robust, real-time dashboard reporting
Powered by Mobile Web Technology

Patient on-boarding sets into motion intelligent workflows, perfectly fitted to your practice, that helps patients move seamlessly through a personalized healthcare experience.

  • Save an average of 6 to 12 minutes of personnel time on each visit
  • Improve front-office efficiency by up to 20%
  • Get up to 40% faster patient door-to-door times
  • Sharpen data accuracy and reporting with seamless integration of EHR and practice management systems
  • Offer the flexibility of check-in kiosks or standalone tablet options
PX Solutions offers benefits for every healthcare organization
Health Systems

Starting with consistent digital onboarding, deliver an exceptional, branded experience every time a patient visits and at every touchpoint throughout each visit, regardless of where they enter your system.

Medical Practices & Primary Care

Maximize resource efficiency, staff productivity and data accuracy, while delivering the same experience patients get from hospitals and other Healthcare Communications.

Community Health Centres

Live up to “do more with less” like never before. Effortless onboarding of patients reduces the impact of staff shortages while helping you meet the needs of diverse patient populations with consistent, high-quality care.

PX Solutions Integration and Interoperability

PX Solutions integrates seamlessly with existing Health Information Systems (HIS) and in-room technology and puts the power to communicate, connect and collaborate into the hands of patients and clinicians wherever they might be.

Personalized Engagement

Develop more personalized engagement, and reduce the length of stay, falls and readmissions with integrated, interactive patient education and communication, while you improve the patient experience with on demand entertainment options and real-time service request ability.

Leverage the Correlation between Patient Experience and Clinical Outcomes

Give patients the power to engage in their care and customize their hospital experience. You’ll spark a remarkable feedback loop of patient and caregiver collaboration that not only improves clinical results, but streamlines care provision.

Engage Patients, Empower Care Providers

  • Improved care plan compliance
  • Lower readmissions
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Prevention of falls and other risks
  • Increased patient satisfaction
Tailored to the Patient

Each patient’s engagement is based according to their age, culture, language preference, condition and care requirements. Unique education, entertainment and communication experiences are delivered for a wide range of demographics.


Flexible Media Options

A personalized engagement is delivered on the media that makes most sense for the patient and/or institution.

A personalized engagement for Tablets

Where TV installation isn’t an option, tablets can deliver the same content and communications; in waiting rooms and/or patient rooms.

A personalized engagement for Smart TVs

With just a single hardware connection, existing or new in-room TVs are ready to deliver everything a personalized engagement has to offer.

The Largest Health Education Library in the Industry
A constantly-curated collection of over 11,000 titles from trusted content providers that deliver up-to-date information on almost every health condition. Choose from content packages that are most pertinent to your organization and patient population.

Lower Readmissions

Lower the risk of readmission with health education, communication and management tools that extend care beyond the hospital stay.

Activate & Engage Patients Across the Care Continuum

Allow care teams to interact with more patients and intervene in a timely way to reduce the timelines of traditional pre- and post-care and the costs and complications that they can trigger.