PX Solutions Ltd. has Acquired the Patient Engagement and IT Solutions Businesses from FlexITy Solutions

PX Solutions is expanding their value to hospitals and long term care centres across Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – July 11, 2023 – PX Solutions Ltd, has acquired FlexITy Solutions Ltd’s Patient Engagement and IT Solutions businesses, including Emergency Room Management.

“By combining these solutions with PX Solutions’ existing Nurse Call and Healthcare Communications portfolio, we are positioning ourselves as one of the premier providers of Patient Experience solutions for the Canadian healthcare industry,” said Geoff Kereluik, CEO of PX Solutions. “ The unprecedented challenges the healthcare sector is facing must be met with a new approach. The current clinical staffing shortages of nurses and other key resources will not be improving any time soon. Automation and technology need to be a part of the way we enable our healthcare professionals to operate in our new reality. PX Solutions healthcare technology solutions significantly increase efficiencies by automating critical but mundane tasks and putting more control in the hands of patients and their family’s. This enables clinicians to focus on delivering clinical services instead of getting bogged down with non clinical tasks. Does it make sense for Nurses to spend so much of their time on ensuring patients meals are being provided correctly or the temperature is ideal in their room or that patients have access to the information that is key to their treatment and recovery when the technology can be provided directly to the patient and their family’s to manage these and many other services through easy to use menu driven applications.”

PX Solutions partners with GetWell Networks, Jeron Electronic Systems and other key global innovators to ensure Canadian hospitals and long term care centres have access to the best technologies and solutions the world has to offer. “Technologies such as smart phones and their apps have become a core part of our lives. Likewise, there have been significant advancements in technologies that specifically address many of the challenges and inefficiencies we face in our healthcare system,” according to Geoff Kereluik. “The solutions we offer can be rapidly deployed and provide significant efficiencies and improvements in the delivery of patient care, thus improving overall patient experiences and better enabling clinicians to focus on providing better patient outcomes.”

About PX Solutions
PX Solutions offers a suite of patient-centric solutions that integrate interactive mobile applications, secure Health IT and data, and optimize healthcare management. PX Solutions offers the technologies and solutions to achieve better outcomes for Healthcare in Canada, bringing leading-edge applications, infrastructure and services functioning together to connect the patients, families and clinicians along the patient’s healthcare journey.

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